Weekly Preschool Classes

Our weekly classes take place at your child’s preschool or early learning center once a week.  The 30-45 minute program will take place at a time that doesn’t interfere with their classroom learning time. Our professional coaches come to your child’s center once a week to deliver our amazing curriculum at a time that doesn’t interfere with your schedule or their education.  It’s perfect for busy families.  Why load up the car and drive somewhere after a busy day of work?  Make that family time by letting us bring the soccer to you!

“As your child continues to learn and advance, more difficult moves in soccer will be added including dynamic dribbling, shooting skills and of course…striking the ball to score. All of this will be conducted in a non-competitive environment that will encourage your own child to take risks and try new and fun things!”

Held weekly at your child’s school. Your little one must be enrolled at one of our partner schools to participate. We visit once a week and deliver our 30-45 minute “story-time with a soccer ball” curriculum at a time that won’t interfere with classroom learning.   There are paper forms available at your child’s school to register.  Please ask the director or teacher for a form, fill it out and leave at the school.  Most of our schools have a Happy Feet drop box or folder to leave the form.   We run Fall, Winter and Spring sessions at each of the schools.  You can start anytime and we will prorate the price for you.

Our Locations

We currently have programs running at over 40 schools in both Nassau and Suffolk county.  Please check with your school to see if we are there.   If we are not, we would love to be!   Please email john@happyfeetli.com.    Let us know the name of the school and we will stop by to speak with the director.   Our programs are a win for parents, a win for the school and a win for the children!!